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Sunrise Elementary School

"A Safe Place to Learn...Grow...Laugh...Dream...Belong!"



Our Philosophy

Teachers and students at Sunrise work together in applying innovative approaches to learning that build a strong academic foundation and encourage the spirit of creativity, curiosity, and productivity. Expectations are high for all students. Through a balanced literacy model, teachers utilize guided reading and writing, word study, and build skills in phonemic awareness and phonics. Bridges Math is one of the tools that teachers use to teach math concepts, develop skills, and problem solve. In science, there is a focus on the scientific method and hands-on learning. Social Studies Alive helps students understand the concept of community from its smallest form to how it is represented regionally. Fourth grade students study Colorado History and fifth grade students study America’s past.


Throughout the day the needs and unique learning styles of each individual student are taken into account as the curriculum is modified to challenge the highly motivated students, encourage the reluctant learner, and reach all students in between. At Sunrise, every student’s progress is important.



 Partners In Excellence


 Parents and schools share the same goal: helping children succeed in learning. To reach the goal, it is important to work in partnership with the school.


*Make a point of visiting your child's class early in the year.

*Do not be reluctant to ask questions about school policy or about your child's progress.

*Read and respond to school news through e-mails and announcements.

*Support the school's discipline plan at home.

*Volunteer to help with school programs and projects.

*Contact the school about any problem you think might affect your child's learning or behavior.


Points of Pride!


Sunrise has a vibrant library program, and is one of only a handful of elementary schools within our district to boast a full-time Teacher Librarian as well as a Teacher's Aide. In kindergarten, students participate in the Read Aloud Daily program, which allows them to win monthly prizes from local businesses for reading with their families, and provides each student with free books every month of the school year. In the older grades, students can participate in the Sunrise Newbery Club, a unique literary society that allows our students to read books eligible for The Newbery Award and provide feedback directly to the Newbery Committee. Learn more about this exciting club at In library class, students participate in research projects related to social studies and science curriculum and produce finished projects using Comic Life, Podcasting, Power point, and more. Each year, our school is proud to host a nationally renowned children's author or illustrator. The Sunrise library program strives to nurture curious minds, critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and voracious readers!


Our art program embraces all aspects of the field, including paint, watercolor, pastel, clay, marker, and collage. We focus on the elements and principles of design, such as line, space, value, texture, gradation and harmony. Through the process, students begin to develop their own sense of style and artistic preference. The main objective is to challenge each student to create work they are proud of, and to enjoy the art making process. Twice a year, students exhibit their artwork in a school-wide Festival. Every student is represented in one of the two shows.

Physical Education

Health, wellness, fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship are emphasized within the PE program on a daily basis.  Running, cup stacking, jump rope, lacrosse, and basketball clubs occur for grades 1st-5th before school throughout the year.  In the fall Sunrise participates in the annual district cup stacking tournament.  The 5th Gear Kids health program is taught throughout the 5th grade year.  We also participate in Jump Rope for Heart.


At Sunrise, you will find students in the music classroom singing, moving, playing instruments, and dancing.  No surprises there.  But you will also find students patting, clapping, snapping, and using rhyme and rhythmic speech to develop a strong sense of rhythm and beat.  At the elementary level, learning is an active experience that incorporates as much movement as it does singing or instrument playing.  The idea is that we, "get the music in their bones."  In just the same way as toddlers learn to speak years before they grow to learn the alphabet and understand how to read and write, we also must learn how to "speak" music before we begin introducing music's written language.  Here at Sunrise, we are active music makers, becoming comfortable and competent at expressing and understanding musical ideas such as singing on pitch, finding a steady beat, and expressing rhythm a variety of ways whether that be drumming, dancing, or clapping and stomping.  Because repetition is a big part of this learning process, games are a big part of what we do as well.  When playing a musical game or any game for that matter, there is always a built in reason to do many repetitions.  "Maybe this time, I can be it!" becomes the motivator instead of "Why is the teacher making us sing this song over and over and over?"  In this way, I hope to make music here at Sunrise a fun and engaging experience that helps develop the whole child by providing opportunities for musical expression.


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